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Victor Armstrong has been producing large works since the age of fifteen when he was commissioned  to create a backdrop

for a University of Texas fraternity party. In the sign industry he produced numerous large graphic images including a unique

 8'x540'  highrise construction site fence  After becoming a full time easel painter, Victor was commissioned by the Texas

Tumbleweed restaurant to create a 10'x100' mural.  The restaurant chain grew to 29 stores with Victor's murals being

an intergal part of the overall concept. Victor has now completed murals totaling over 20.000 square feet for international

corporations, hotels, restaurants, offices and private residences throughout the United States.. I hope these selections of

images from my recent works will excite you and that you will consider the use of murals and large images in your future

projects and that you will include Victor Armstrong Studios as a part of that process from concept to completion..


Renaissance Hotel Dallas Texas...600 square feet (15'x40')

Marriott Hotel

Ft Collins Colorado

42"x 90" Acrylic


Papa Johns International

Corporate Headquarters    Louisville Kentucky

Ceiling  2931 Square Feet   Vinyl Acrylic




Cool River Cafe

Austin Texas

8'x18' Vinyl Acrylic

and finally before you tire of all this Bull ......... From a series of Longhorn images at the

University of Texas Tennis Center

Austin Texas

Approx. 3'x7'  Vinyl Acrylic on Block    

Photographic Distortion ( Image located in 6' wide hallway)



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Copyright 2001  Victor Armstrong  All Rights Reserved


Selected Images of Sunrise Area, Midday Area, and Sunset Area of Ceiling.